How to Recover Deleted Emails From Your Computer

October 6, 2010, By Fouad Bajwa

Many of us run into a terrible problem when we delete emails in desktop productivity email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Evolution. However, sometimes we can find where the deleted email files went.

Usually, all emails deleted end up in a trash folder, similar to the recycle bin folder in most cases that is available on the desktop on your computer. So the first and foremost simplest method to recover your deleted emails would be to check the trash folder.

If this didn’t work for you then we will have to search through your system to recover any such email holding files but these files may not actually be entirely accessible and it may be advisable to explore getting a file recovery software program such as the Data Recovery Wizard, a recovery software specializing in recovering emails deleted from Microsoft Outlook. To download Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition, click here.

How-to Recover Deleted Emails From Your Computer

The software helps to recover files lost in Windows, Hard Drives including SD cards and other devices connected to a computer such as iPods.

How-to Recover Deleted Emails From Your Computer

Once you have downloaded and installed the free version of the Data Recovery Wizard software by EASEUS, it will give you options for selecting what type of files do you which to recover from your computer system. Select the email recovery option and the software attempts to recover your deleted emails. Kindly note that this program does not recover emails from online email services like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo and only works on your offline computer system.

How-to Recover Deleted Emails From Your Computer

In the event you lost your deleted emails using online email platforms like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, you may attempt looking for the lost files in the Trash folder. If you cannot see any of your deleted files in the Trash folder, it is evident that you may have emptied the Trash folder earlier and now the emails are not recoverable at all.

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