Google Goggles now finally available for iPhones: The wait worth for Apple fanboys!

October 6, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

If you happen to own an iPhone and were waiting for a Google App that would allow you to identify by taking a picture of it, then Google Goggles is now available for download and ready to be used.

Apple iPhone users have been waiting since long for Google Goggles on their mobiles and now that it is finally here, they would really be happy to finally have the app that allows them to snap stuff up and identify them. This obviously is something that could benefit tourists immensely with landmarks and everyone else (much like us) who have pretty limited knowledge about plenty of things!

According to Milan Broum, Software Engineer, Google Mobile Team, this is still a Labs product and needs to be fine tuned in time. While it works just great in case of stuff such as landmarks, logos, book covers, DVDs and games, it still fails to function in case of stuff such as animals, plants and food. So in case you are a nature lover, you might still be a bit disappointed.

It is important to note that Goggles works on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 handsets that are running iOS 4 or above. Just go to Apple App store and download it right away as it is both free and immensely handy.

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