Blizzcon 2010 Schedule

October 6, 2010, By Christian Davis

For those who don’t know what Blizzcon is, it’s the convention for Blizzzard Entertainment’s games. Ever notice why you don’t hear much Blizzard gaming news during E3? This is why. They have their own convention which sells out in minutes.

Above you’ll see the schedule for the highly anticipated convention located in Anaheim, California. Click the link at the bottom of the page for a larger image of the schedule. I’ll wait until you click it so we can read it together.

Notice something missing? There’s nothing really mentioned about Starcraft II’s expansion “Heart of the Swam” which is going to centralize about the hostile species, Zerg. There is a Starcraft II Story Q&A so hopefully we’ll hear something about the expansions and hopefully, it doesn’t take 6 years to get to us.

Notice something else gone? Where are the Diablo III panels? There’s a Q&A as well, but we need more than that. We want to see gameplay, hear an announce date, and let people on the show floor play it.

Finger crossed for some great news everyone!

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