‘Halo: Reach’ Success inspires DreamWorks to bring Halo to the movies

October 6, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

So this is something that ahs come out of the rumor mill no doubt, but it is still something that could get the hopes of millions up across the globe. ‘Halo- the movie’ could be the biggest pop culture phenomenon since those guys had tents for days together to secure tickets for the first Star Wars flick.

So what is the actual possibility of a big screen adaptation of Halo? After the $200 million that ‘Halo: Reach’ has just grossed up, apparently DreamWorks thinks now is the time to cash in on all the hype and interest. It would be hard to blame them too as Halo: Reach has been indeed such a huge hit for Microsoft that in fact reports suggest that the company’s bosses are reluctant to have it go to Hollywood.

Microsoft feel that such a valuable asset should not be put on other platforms as exclusivity gives them further scope of selling Halo. While Fox and Universal have worked on Hollywood’s version of Halo years back but never finished the project they started, DreamWorks now wants to adopt the novel, rather than the game and thereby getting away from the legal hassle of ‘right’s to the content.

That seems wise indeed as even if they want to buy the rights from Fox at this stage it just would cost way too much. So will Halo hit the floors and the screen finally? Well, as long as Microsoft is a bit giving, we are optimistic about it… Of course, the big boys of the tech world are known to be anything but ‘giving’!

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