Qualcomm rumoured to supply iPhone 5 and iPad 2 with Baseband chips: Could we be going towards dual CDMA/GSM iPhone 5?

October 5, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

There have been rumours going around for a while now that Apple might turn away from using the regular Infineon chips that we have been accustomed to in every version of iPhone and iPad and could be using Qualcomm Baseband chips for next versions of both the devices.

While initially we were circumspect about the news it just seems that other independent sources from across the globe are reporting a similar merger. The Economic Daily News from Taipei in its latest report talks of the possible use of Qualcomm Baseband chips in the use of iPad 2; further increasing the suspicion that it might be the end for Infineon.

So will the successor of iPhone 4 sport a dual SIM capability that will allow users to use both GSM and CDMA technology? Considering Qualcomm were the ones to pioneer the CDMA aspect in the mobile market it is something that is completely possible, but not very probable.

For now the opinion is that CDMA technology might still stay away from iPhone 5, but if indeed Apple and Qualcomm do tie up then it might be a possibility somewhere down the line. While we will have to wait for an official announcement from both parties to confirm the change in chips, opening up the iPad 2 when it does arrive will surely unravel many mysteries and help predict the details of iPhone 5

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