Panasonic Jungle Handheld Gaming Console Revealed

October 5, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Panasonic has returned to the gaming world with the Jungle, a new handheld gaming console. The company, which made the ill-fated 3DO console in the 1990s, has come up with a device that would try to compete with Nintendo, Sony and possibly Apple.

The Jungle console will be focusing on the Panasonic Cloud Entertainment (PCENT), a service that would revolve around online gaming and online video creation and playback.

The Jungle, which is a clamshell device, will be coming with a super high-resolution display and features a full QWERTY keyboard. It will also be coming with what looks like a touch sensitive d-pad and button arrangement, and would run a custom form of Linux but might support Flash-based gaming.

The Jungle will also apparently sport a mini HDMI port, a micro USB port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Nintendo 3DS is scheduled to be launched early next year for about $300, while Apple’s fourth generation iPod touch starts at $230. The Jungle is said to compete more closely with Apple by focusing on Internet features first, instead of the dependence on physical media at Nintendo and Sony.

The device might also be coming with special features and it has to be seen how the console performs. The company has already set up a site and a few teaser videos.

In the promotional video (posted below), the company reveals plans for a bespoke Battlestar Galactica MMOG for the device, as well as a web show, Online Underground.

Meanwhile, the rumors that the console would make its way to an MTV show have been confirmed. The Jungle has shown up on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. Rob apparently is making a “jingle” for the device and it looks rather huge in the hands of the professional skateboarder.

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