Nokia N9 Leak: Will the supposedly ‘perfect’ phone help overcome the N8 loss to iPhone 4?

October 5, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Observing the recent market trends there is little to no doubt that Nokia has suffered enormously in the high-end smartphone spectrum and with the late October release of many Windows Phone 7 OS based mobiles, they deck seems stacked against them. So is Nokia N9 savoir for Nokia?

At this point it does seem that Nokia has lost out big time in that battle with Apple as iPhone 4 despite its slightly lesser camera still comfortably knocked down the N8 due to its wide array of features. In news that comes from Eldar Murtazin, someone who seems to know what exactly is happening inside Nokia and their plans for new handsets, the N9 apparently has hardware that is perfect and software that is still some way away from that mark.

That obviously can be little reassurance to the folk at Nokia as we know very well by now that the concept of ‘perfection’ in mobiles is pretty obsolete with consumers always demanding more and competitors giving them exactly that. So when will the N9 hit the stores?

N9 is going to be a MeeGo device and while you might want to wait for it to hit the streets before you buy your next smartphone just don’t hold your breath on it. The N8 successor still seems a long way away from being ready for public display!

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