Captain America: Super Soldier Set To Release in 2011

October 5, 2010, By Christian Davis

Like we didn’t see this coming, a Captain America game set to release with the movie is underway. How well do Marvel’s movie games do? Not well at all. The best one would probably be Spider-Man 2 for the Playstation 2. That’s a long time ago. Wolverine:Origins had a fun hack n’ slash game and the Hulk games are ok. It’s understandable if you’re not excited about this title.

The story is being written by Christos Gage, once the writer of Avengers: The Initiative and the current scribe of Avengers Academy. That’s comforting to hear, but that doesn’t mean anything for the gameplay. Naturall, your shield will be the weapon of choice for our super soldier and that could mean the game could play a bit like the old Rygar games with Marvel and Wolfenstein thrown into the mix.

There’s also going to be a Thor game released in 2011 as well, which will also coincide with the Thor movie and help fans prepare for the 2012 Avengers film. Either way, the game visually is looking pretty good and if it’s anything like Wolverines latest game, then it should be a good time. Check out the rest of the screenshots below.

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