Apple iTunes cover flow suit: iPhone giants could end up paying $600 million fine!

October 5, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

On the market front it seems that Apple is having an absolute ball with the success of both iPhone 4 and iPad, but it is in the courtrooms that they seem to be losing out big time- at least that is the way it seems these days. The iTunes cover flow suit filed by Mirror Worlds now could put Apple by $600 million!

It was just last week that a judge in Texas ruled that Apple had to pay $208.5 million for each patent it had infringed with its Cover Flow technology and when you add all of it up the sum equates to a whooping $600 million… and we are still counting of course. That simply is because the feature is used each day by many new users on every iPhone and iPod.

With Apple products becoming a bit of a rage across the globe and both the iPhone and iPod selling like hot cakes every day, it just seems that Apple is stuck in a very tough spot. The company of course is going to appeal against the judgement as they claim that Mirror Worlds patents were sold for $5 million. So obviously Apple feels that this is an complete rip-off.

If Apple does end up paying the fine this will no doubt be one of the biggest patent pay-outs ever in US history… If not on the planet. For everyone else, keep searching for something Apple might be using that could be remotely yours!

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