Verizon Confirms Massive Customer Refund Payout, $90 Million Data Charges to be Refunded to Customers

October 4, 2010, By Atul Roach

This has to go down as one of the largest customer refunds in the history of a telecommunications company. Verizon Wireless or VZW or Big Red (whatever you intend to call it in admiration) has confirmed that the US based telecommunications behemoth is refunding wrongly billed customers over $90 million next month. The number of customers to benefit from these refunds is a whopping $15 million and as per Verizon, these customers were wrongly billed and hence they will be refunded anything between $2 to $6.

Just in case you are done with your VZW commitment/ subscription, you will still be on the refund list and you will end up receiving a check in the mail. Talk about finding reasons for this VZW announcement, and New York Times tells us that FCC motivated Verizon as hundreds of complaints about this issue had been building up in the records.

I wonder whether anyone lands up at the FCC door knocking to lodge a complaint against Apple iPhone 4’s faulty antenna and then offering a jumper to correct the signals. They do for sure, but Cupertino seldom obliges to even FCC heeds. In this context, Verizon needs to the congratulated for making up so sincerely for its purported mistakes. Hail Big Red!

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