Transcend Goggles Feature Integrated GPS, Courtesy of a Built-in HUD

October 4, 2010, By Atul Roach

With the technology evolving every passing day, not just our usual gadgets but even our usual possessions are turning into somewhat of a sci-fi specialty we could have only imagined existed in the movies. Check out these goggles above for instance. These look very much like our usual goggles, but the ability Transcend has vested in them makes them far more potent that the goggles we posses.

These Transcend goggles posses a built-in HUD which gives you information such as latitude/longitude, altitude, speed traveled, current temperature, time and more. This high quality GPS integration will make sure that you never just loose your way no matter what part of the town or suburb you intend to explore.

What is more is that you can always plug these goggles into your PC and download the GPS information as soon as you make it to a nearest computer. The in-built software will then overlay your explored route with Google Maps and hence you will be able to precisely know where you have been.

I would have surely gone for these Transcend goggles as I have a huge problem of forgetting the roads, but the $400 to $500 pricing possibility scares me!

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