T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tablet Sign Up Page Introduced

October 4, 2010, By Atul Roach

Coming up with these sign-up pages for the upcoming hot gadget grabs is quite becoming a norm with T-Mobile UK and the latest of its gadgets to get a sign-up page is none other than the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. On the face value of things, this sign-up page release information should not be any big deal, but the fact that it is a big deal makes these sign-up pages a great promotion tact.

This first Android OS powered Tablet to hit the market will surely be on the top of holiday shopping lists for the Android fanatics and T-Mobile just made things more desperate for these fanatics by coming up with this ‘tempting’ sign-up page.

The UK natives who admire Android should feel lucky with these sign-up pages popping around them as they are aware of the November 1 launch date for the Galaxy Tablet from Samsung. Compare this to the other side of the world and none of the four major US carriers have readied their sign-up pages. Forget these pages, we still have to keep guessing about the precise Galaxy Tablet release date, while the legitimate one still remains anyone’s guess.

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