On which carrier would BlackBerry Storm 3 ride into US market?

October 4, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

It was at the start of this month that Verizon canceled the release of BlackBerry Storm 3 on its network and that obviously has been viewed by many as a blow to the latest handset in the Storm series. So where is BlackBerry taking Strom 3 next?

While it is still a matter of speculation in regards to what would be the new home of Strom 3, for now it seems that Sprint is a pretty safe bet along with the perennial favorites in the form of AT&T. Since it is a CDMA handset Sprint could be willing to bring out Storm 3, but considering AT&T wide network and large user base BlackBerry might be tempted to tie itself up with the latter.

While the latest BlackBerry 9570 would carry various unique features depending on the network it comes out on, Sprint will be able to offer high speed 4G as an attractive feature for the handset. Considering this exclusive add-on that Sprint can bring to the table, many consider it the forerunner.

AT&T obviously has wide consumer base as its trump card while T-Mobile could still spring a surprise. So who exactly will bring out Storm 3 into the market? Stay tuned to find out…

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