Halo Reach Credit Boosting and Farming Accounts reset: Cheaters banned!

October 4, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Yes, finally some reassuring news for all those who felt that people around them have been cheating and farming scores in Halo Reach off late.

For many across the globe who have been hooked to Halo Reach this obviously comes as great relief as players who have been boosting scores the wrong way have been finally cut down to size. Not only has Bungie reset the stats of all those found to be cheating but also banned them- that is for a day of course. (You dint expect longer ban, did you!)

Bungie has told that some players were exploiting Reach via an intentional network manipulation that allowed players to complete a challenge more than 20 times. There is also a talk among the gaming addicts that Bungie is coming up with an automated banning system for those boosting and farming credits in future.

So have you been caught out by Bungie and are sitting on the sidelines for a day with your credits reset? Or did the system reset your credits as well despite doing nothing of that sort? Have issues; let us, Bungie and the world know. For now though we are going to assume that the resetting worked just fine indeed…

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