A How-To Guide for T-Mobile G2 Root: Download Link included!

October 4, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

It has not been too long now when the T-Mobile G2 has actually been out in the market, but things happen at such a frantic pace these days that the device has already been successfully rooted! So for all those looking around on how to get it done and the download link, we have it all right here…

It comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone that the fine folks at XDA-Developers Forums were actually the ones to come up with it. (Man, do they work fast!). While the root is working just fine, it is still tagged as temporary root’. Of course that is just a minor glitch and something that you need not lose your sleep over.

The only little hassle with the root seems to be that the root method just vanishes away if in case you do reboot your G2. As we told, it is not something very drastic and should get sorted out rather quickly as the guys are already working on the minor issue at hand.

So in case you wish to get started right away and are interested in rooting your T-Mobile G2 then here is the download link and how to guide.

Everything you need is in there so go ahead and tell us how it worked out.

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