Nokia N8 Vs iPhone 4: Which phone sports the better camera?

October 1, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

iPhone 4 and Nokia N8 both have their own unique appeal and a specially carved out niche in the mobile market, but when it is solely a question of ‘Clash of the Cameras’, which of the two heavyweights comes out on top? We might have just found out…

On the face of it the battle looks like a complete mismatch with the N8 bringing a dazzling12 megapixel sensor while the iPhone 4 presents a more modest picture with its 5 megapixel camera. But when they actual get to work, the results are surprisingly not too different from one another!

While the pictures do not look vastly different, there is absolutely no doubt that the 12 megapixel N8 camera outdoes the iPhone 4 with both superior image quality and better videos. The snaps taken from the N8 also look a lot more realistic and ‘life-like’ while the ones captured by iPhone 4 appear a bit unnatural.

Of course that is not something that one would complain too much about especially when you find a 5MP camera almost matching a 12 MP one. And add to this the fact that most people these days anyway carry around a serious digital cam whenever needed and one can argue that the iPhone’s camera suffices well enough.

This not only proves that pixel count does not automatically translate to better images but also tells Nokia that it has to offer a lot more than just a loaded camera to compete iPhone 4!

N8 on left – iPhone4 on right:

Now, you decide…

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