Apple TV Jailbreak Video: Third party applications now on board!

October 1, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Unlocking mobile phones has become a common feature that not only keeps gadget releasing firms on their toes but also offers consumers features that otherwise seemed non-existent. Now it is the turn of Apple TV and its set-top box to receive the same treatment…

While many devices get unlocked by hackers and subsequently the knowledge is passed on, the mania of expanding the usability of a gadget beyond what its makers intended really kicked off with Apple and its iPhone. Now it takes barely a few days for a gadget to get unlocked once it hits the market. This allows people to put on board third-party content, which otherwise would be out of question.

The latest in the line is Apple TV as its Jailbreak video has just hit the net waves. While unlike in the case of a mobile there is not a whole lot to do here, but you can now load third-party applications at will. This works out just fine as Apple did not bundle any App Store access with their set-top box.

So what are the third-party apps that you can add, you ask? Surprisingly none! But that is only for now. Expect thatsituation to change pretty soon…

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