RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Arrival Intensifies the Tablet War

September 30, 2010, By Atul Roach

The latest sensation in the tablet market is the BlackBerry PlayBook and what this new entrant has done is that it has further intensified the Tablet War which was thus far being battled between the Apple iPad, Dell Streak and the Samsung Galaxy Tablet Which tablet will turn out to be the best of the lot in the long run is a difficult assessment to make at this point in time, but you can ofcourse compare the relative features to comprehend the future chances.

Interestingly, all the four competitors sport a 1GHz processing option, but the BlackBerry Playbook seemingly has the dual core advantage to benefit from. While there are certain features where the PlayBook outclasses the others, the lack of GPS integration makes the PlayBook look sad too.

Furthermore, the PlayBook comes with front and back facing cameras while the iPad doesn’t have a single camera on-board and again the PlayBook comes out as victorious. PlayBook also has the highest RAM at 1GB, but then, the storage is just 32GB (expandable) where the iPad comes with 64GB of memory (non-expandable).

The real purpose of a tablet is to be a small thingamajig which can perform some core notebook/netbook tasks as well, and mind you, that only the Dell Streak option is really small, light and pocket-able. At this pint in time, it is really difficult to say which tablet is the best and moreover this will depend on individual customer needs more than anything else.

The iPad and the Galaxy Tablet have a fair chance and they owe a lot to their astoundingly large iOS and Android OS application bases. In the future, the competition will only intensify furthermore as HP is also jumping into the frame with its webOS based tablet early next year.

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