Dead Rising II PC Trainer Download Now Available

September 30, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Dead Rising II gaming freaks who are looking for sturdy training cheats before they take on the game full time will be glad to know that the PC Trainer downloads are now available. Personally speaking, I do not quite appreciate the idea of these trainer downloads for they do not let a game remain as much fun as it can potentially be.

The first trainer download is available on gamecopyworld where you will find a total number of 21 modifications for the game. These modifications include unlimited money, health and even unlimited ammo with max attack, speed and throw distance.

What is more in this pack are ways to increase, decrease and and freeze clock minutes and hours along with giving you one hit kills, 25,000 prestige points and unlimited health.

We will really look forward to someone who has a PC edition of this game to confirm that these cheats really work on the game or not. If you do posses the PC version, please do help us know.

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