Video Tour: New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

September 29, 2010, By Christian Davis

This November, the Xbox 360 is going to go on a major face lift and will look brand new. It’s smoother, neater, and has a bunch of new features. The new dashboard update will add more features to Netflix, better avatars, ESPN, and upgraded family settings.

This seems to be the best update in the Xbox 360’s history and it’s bringing us one step closer to not watching TV anymore and enjoying all forms of media on the Xbox 360. Below, there’s an in depth video tour of all the new Xbox 360 Dashboard features. Family settings gets a boost with a new “exception” feature, ESPN games are now watchable online with friends, Netflix is finally given a search feature and updated list of movies to watch with parties, and the Avatars are getting a nice boost and can now look more like you.

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