Orange UK Now Rolling Out White HTC Desire and Silver HTC Wildfire, Preorder Available

September 29, 2010, By Atul Roach

The world surely is more crazy about top-end Android OS laden smartphones and names like the HTC Desire and the Wildfire are starting to sound ‘really old’. The good thing though is that Orange UK does not think so and just like the old times, Orange is all set to sell both these handsets in different hues. While the Desire will be offered in White, Orange UK will also be offering the HTC Wildfire in a silver tinge (pictured).

Talk about the relative difference in pricing, compared to the normal colored models of these handsets, the Orange subscribers will actually end up striking a much better deal with these differently colored HTC offerings. The White Desire will literally cost nothing, but the catch will be a £25 monthly plan.

As far as the silver variant of Wildfire is concerned, Orange UK is ready to offer it for free with a £20 per month commitment. If you haven’t been lucky enough to grab either of these handsets until date, it sure is a chance to flaunt them with a whiff of exclusivity.

Just to keep your anxiety levels in check, you can pre-order any of these HTC branded smartphones right away. Are you game?

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