RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet can Initiate the RIM Resurgence?

September 28, 2010, By Atul Roach

With the advent of the likes of the iPhone and the plethora of Android powered devices we cannot finish mentioning in a single line, the likes of the Nokia and BlackBerry have faded in the oblivion. BlackBerry still did well by beating the ‘entrepreneurial rap’ for a while, but things haven’t been great for RIM as well, in the recent past. The lack of dedicated OS applications has been the undoing for these once big names and now BlackBerry is seeking a sort of resurgence with its latest unveiled tablet dubbed the PlayBook.

The PlayBook tablet seems alright to begin with and we think it does have the potential to compete with both, the iPad and the Galaxy Tablet, when specifically comparing the feature set only. But, the problem again could be the lack of a dedicated app store for the BlackBerry OS.

What we are trying to hint at is the fact that people just do not look for great feature packed devices anymore, they essentially look for devices that can run millions and millions of applications to meet the changing requirements on a daily basis. This is definitely something which the PlayBook will not be rendering and hence the resurgence attempt will probably again bombard.

BlackBerry has to understand this and not confuse its purpose at the same time. If it wants to continue existing as the brand for ‘executives’, it better have an app store ready which is loaded with the executive type applications. From where we see it though, RIM looks already confused about its purpose, for otherwise, it would have never dubbed this tablet as the PLAYBOOK, to begin with.

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