No Refunds Given for Failed MMO APB: All Points Bulletin

September 28, 2010, By Christian Davis

Real Time Worlds’ MMO, All Points Bulletin, seemed like a great idea. Basically playing Cops and Robbers on the PC, gamers were able to track down criminals, steal, and there was even an APB sent out that let you know which person online was the baddest criminal at the time. The game was only out for 3 months and it’s already came to an end.

Those who bought the game, will not be getting a refund of their money, but they are giving away free games or discount vouchers to compensate. Begbies Traynor, the firm responsible for administrating the remains of failed developer Realtime Worlds, says that anyone wanting a refund has to speak to the retailer they bought it from. Being a PC game, practically no bricks-n-mortar store will give you one, while online retailer Steam doesn’t give refunds either.

What you’d have to do is contact EA’s customer service and let them know what happened. That appears to be the best method.

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