New Resistance 3 Screens

September 28, 2010, By Christian Davis

Since the live action trailer for Resistance 3,there hasn’t been much information about the new game at all. No character info, multiplayer, story, nothing at all. Thankfully, we have some really nice screenshots for the game that will get you excited for the third game in the series.

There is a little information given about the game through the screenshots as well. The pictures, courtesy of Flickr, have the main character listed as Capelli. He was in the second game and helped the main character, Nathan, quite a bit. Capelli will be taking the lead in this game and will no doubt pick up right where the second game left off.

There’s pictures of a boat chase, boat ambush, and even some great concept art for the game. Insomniac is really out doing themsevles for their prized first person shooter. We all definitely appreciate that they’re making such a well polished mature title that no doubt is in the same boat as Halo and Modern Warfare.

Check out the rest of the screens at the Flickr account below.


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