Two New Palm Phones and Palm WebOS 2.0 Screenshots Spotted

September 27, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Leaked information on two new Palm phones and WebOS 2.0 is circulating the web. Ever since HP bought Palm, it was not certain if new Palm webOS phones will ever be released. Now Palm fans can be happy about the new rumors.

It is being reported that two new devices have been listed in the databases of TÜV Rheinland (which has released rumors before). Two new Palm models, the P102UNA and the P102EWW, are being shown in their certification databases. If we consider Palms typical model numbering convention, these models will correspond with North America GSM and CDMA versions of some new devices.

Earlier, the P101UNA was unearthed in the certification database on January 23rd and announced for AT&T on March 22nd. So we can expect the new phones to be announced in the coming months or sometime in the near future.

There is also a listing for a new “inductive battery charger,” which suggests the possibility of a new Touchstone, which may or may not still bear the same name.

Meanwhile, images of what appears to be screenshots of a new and improved webOS 2.0 is also flying around. From the pictures, everything looks a bit sharper and tidier than before, but nothing really revolutionary. But the new ‘classic’ and flip-style digital clocks look fine.

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