Nokia E7 Pre-Order Pricing Details and Release Date Confirmed by Expansys UK

September 27, 2010, By Atul Roach

Nokia isn’t the best of smartphone manufacturers around the globe and that has been the undoing of this Finnish giant which once sat at the helm of mobile phone sales. The good thing is that Nokia is trying to earn a repute for itself by coming up with better looking smartphones every passing month and the next on the list is the touchscreen based Nokia E7. The Symbian^3 OS laden smartphone has finally gotten a pre-release price and a release date from UK based online outfit Expansys.

Expansys has listed the Nokia E7 pre-order pricing at a whopping £584.99 and as per the online retailer, the next Nokia flagship will fall in consumer hands in January 2011. Comparing the Nokia E7 pricing with that of the HTC Desire HD (£499.99) or even the Nokia N8 (£419.99), it is evident that the pre-order price is relatively higher.

Despite the hefty price sticker, we are in the mood to forgive Nokia as the E7 will be its next Symbian^3 laden flagship device which could change things around for Nokia. What I still fail to comprehend is why Nokia is so adamant on continuing with the likes of the Symbian OS, when there is an open option as good as Android available in the market.

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