Cheapest iPad Will Soon Be Available at Target

September 27, 2010, By Alex Ion

Months ago when the iPad started selling, only Apple Stores, the online Apple store or select Best Buy brick and mortars had the sleek device for sale. Things are expanding and we’re now hearing the iPad will make its way to Target, starting October 3.

At first, Target stores will have all six models of the iPad the same as Apple, but from October 17, anyone using a Target credit card to purchase the device will be entitled to a 5% discount for the popular tablet — which means the cheapest iPad will be available starting next month on Target.

If our math is right, the lowest priced iPad, the $499 16 GB WiFi model will come down to $474.05, while the most expensive, the $829 64 GB 3G + WiFi version will only cost you $787.55.

The official announcement that Target will carry the iPad comes right after Best Buy told the media that starting today the iPad will be available in all their stores.

It looks like Apple is gearing up for the holiday seasons with more and more retail chains trying to get their hands on the iPad before Christmas — because if you think of it, it sounds like the perfect gift for your loved one.

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