How to Erase Browsing History & Cache in Safari

September 24, 2010, By Fouad Bajwa

Web browsers bring with them a number of features, and while some of these features are very useful some may become a real problem. Browsing history and cached files for example, can expose what you have been searching or visiting online, and maybe you don’t want anyone to have access to that info.

So what do you do as a Safari user?

The popular Safari web browser automatically saves web pages contents into its cache memory when you visit a website. It does it so that the page loads quickly the next time you visit it — as a result, hundreds or thousands of web pages  that you have visited would end up in its cache memory.

Some Safari users have also reported that their browser eventually slows down with time and this is usually happening due to the huge amount of files being stored by default. The History record also accumulates over time to build up a large list of websites that you have visited, which only uses up your computer’s memory.

So how do you overcome these issues by attempting to gain access to Safari’s history and cache in order to delete this data or information?

Erasing/Deleting History and Cache in Safari

  1. First click on the Safari Settings icon on the right side and click on “Reset Safari”.How-to Erase Browsing History and Cache in Safari Browser image 1
  2. Once there, you will see that several options are selected by default so choose the one’s you want to reset, for example, check “Clear History” and “Empty the cache”.How-to Erase Browsing History and Cache in Safari Browser
  3. Now click on the “Reset” button.
  4. Finally restart Safari and you should be done!

We would recommended that you delete your Safari browser’s history and cache at least once a month, but if you’re an avid surfer, you might want to clean it more frequently. That way you ensure that your computer and especially your browser maintains its optimal browsing speed and capabilities.

Another thing to remember, once you have cleared the history record and cache files, Safari will need to reload the data and website information so the first time, it might take longer than it used to, prior to its cleaning.

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