Apple TV Shipments Might be Delayed; Pre-order Charges Waived

September 24, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Reports are suggesting that the Apple TV might not be available soon. The information has come as a result of confirmation that Apple has already started issuing refunds to customers who pre-ordered the device.

Yesterday, we had reported that Apple might start shipping the first units of their Apple TV as soon as the end of this month. The report came as a result of information from customers that their credit cards had been charged for their September 1st pre-order.

Now, Apple Insider is reporting that the customers who paid Apple for the Apple TV are getting emails from the company informing them that those charges have been waived due to a possible delay in the shipment. But the email does not reveal the reason for the delay. The email also asks the customers to contact their bank to know when the credit will be posted to their account.

When the $99 Apple TV, which is just a quarter of a size of its predecessor, was introduced earlier this month, Apple had hinted that the media streaming device would be made available in roughly four weeks. But the new information suggests the possibility that it would be delayed and will be available only in the coming months.

But there is much confusion everywhere regarding the matter. Apple might comment on it sometime soon. We will just have wait for that.

The features of the device have been reported so many times in all the tech sites. But for those of you who are having memory problems, the Apple TV emphasizes on media streaming from user’s computers, the cloud, or from iPads and iPhones. It will also have HDMI, optical digital audio and Ethernet ports.

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