Nintendo 3DS Launch Date Confirmed; Tweet Talks of Nov 20 Release

September 22, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A tweet which was posted by a Japanese peripheral developer has revealed the launch date of the Nintendo 3DS auto stereoscopic game system to be November 20. The tweeter apparently works with a company which manufactures accessories for the Nintendo game consoles.

The tweet, which instructed followers to check out a line of 11 3DS accessories which are due to launch simultaneously with the system on November 20th, was removed after a while. The tweet was replaced with one that implied the accessories would be released at the same time as the 3DS, but failed to give out any release date. The account has since been deleted.

A lot of rumors related to the launch date of the Nintendo 3DS handheld has been circulating in the web for quite sometime. But, the present information on the release date might just be the correct one.

The leaked date actually makes sense, since Nintendo has plans for a press conference scheduled for September 29th. On that date, Nintendo is expected to announce the pricing as well as the launch date of the console.

Also it seems unlikely that Nintendo would postpone its release for any longer than is necessary, particularly with the Christmas period on the horizon. Whatever Nintendo decides, it’s likely that we will know about more details sooner rather than later.

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