Facebook Phone is NOT Here to Stay

September 20, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Reports have been rampant about Facebook building a phone to rival Apple, Google and other big names in the smartphone business. After seeing these rumors fly around for a while, Facebook has now confirmed that they are not building a mobile phone.

Going by reports we came across, Facebook was building the software for their new phone and was working with a third party to actually build the phone. The tech press had been abuzz about the development and we have been seeing many a comment on Facebook phone. After a few hours of rumors, a Facebook spokesman has now confirmed that Facebook never had such plans.

Even though Facebook got the news out, some believe that Facebook has actually planned a phone and is keeping silent, just like Google and Apple did before unveiling their respective devices. We guess we need to realize the fact that the company did seek inputs from hardware manufacturers and carriers, this summer. There might be a plan that an outside company would build the hardware for a phone that would have Facebook’s social-networking features deeply integrated.

But for now let’s believe that a Facebook phone isn’t coming. But there is a chance that we haven’t seen the end of this story. Let’s wait for more on that.

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