Yakuza 5 Trailer Released at Tokyo Game Show is filled with Zombies

September 16, 2010, By Christian Davis

Yes, a zombie Yakuza game. No one saw this coming at all and it seems that Sega is just trying to get a slice of the successful zombie pie.  It does seem a bit out of place, but it could still be a fun game regardless. A zombie attack in Japan would probably be the worse place for it to happen. There’s so many people and there’s a chance that this game could have more zombies on screen than Capcom’s Dead Rising series.

Something that is pretty cool about the trailer is that there’s a strong possibility of some four player cooperative action. I can’t read Japanese but there are four distinct characters shown at the end of the trailer doing a cheesy action pose. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a guy with a gatling gun arm. Yes, it’s silly but could be a good time.

Here’s the trailer below and it seems to be action packed. No gameplay is shown, but the Yakuza games have always looked pretty good so you can expect the same with this installment.

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