Internet Explorer 9 Beta Becomes Available for the Public; Internet Explorer 9 Free Download

September 16, 2010, By Alex Ion

Web browsers are getting more and more sophisticated these days. In the last few years Firefox managed to get a lot of popularity, Safari is known as one of the most secure and Chrome as one of the fastest. But where is Internet Explorer — the browser you get by default with every copy of Windows? By all means, it kinda lost the battle … it wasn’t fast and lacked a bit when it came to security.

Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Goes Public

But things are about to change as Microsoft are keen to please their customers — Windows 7 proved a real success and now they upgrade their mobile OS to Windows Phone 7 which is slated to rule. Well, that’s not all you’re getting from MSFT these days. Latest coming from the Mountain View stables is Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

Microsoft are really serious to make up the loss ground. They want users to love Internet Explorer once again, and by the looks of it, the new Internet Explorer 9 has a few special features that will at least help it grab attention.

According to first benchmarks, Internet Explorer 9 has managed to get some promising results. While still  not the fastest browser there is (Google Chrome is the lucky holder of this crown), in terms of speed IE 9 beats Firefox in just about every aspect, be it JS rendering, HTML5 rendering or page rendering. How can this possible? According to Microsoft, it’s the only browser on the market to feature full hardware acceleration which helps achieving “lightning fast speeds”.

Sounds interesting? We’ll let you learn more about Internet Explorer 9 Beta — it’s available right now, just hit the source link below.

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