Intel Revamps Classmate Netbooks; Adds More Life to Battery

September 15, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Intel has announced that its Clamshell Classmate netbooks have been revamped and will be coming with a variety of new features. The new design offers a ruggedized exterior, water resistance and other features which are tailored for the less than delicate handling by students.

The new model will be protected against drops from desk heights, stacking and rough handling, because it gains improved ruggedness. It comes with a rubberized surface and the addition of “crush zones” and more air cushions positioned near fragile areas, such as corners and the display, to protect from shocks and vibrations.

It will also come equipped with water resistant keyboards, screens and touchpads. The computer will be able to handle spills of up to 100cc of liquid, all thanks to a water channel which will direct the liquid down through draining holes on the bottom.

It will also be coming with improved anti-microbial coating on the high-touch surfaces, including the touchpad and keyboard, which will offer protection against microorganisms.

Furthermore, the netbook will be coming with a new six-cell lithium-ion battery. The design integrates the latest Intel core-based Atom processor with improved battery life and various technologies designed to reduce power consumption, including a more efficient motherboard design.

There is no confirmation on the pricing of the device, but it will available soon for schools and other institutions.

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