Glasses-Free 3D Monitors Only Months Away

September 13, 2010, By Christian Davis

The fantasized future with jet packs, hover cars, and holograms is getting closer and closer. Philips and Dutch firm Dimenco are showcasing glasses free TV at this years IFA.

As a TV, it will be ready by 2013. As a monitor, it’s only going to be a few months until they’re ready for mass production. How does the 3D technology work? It’s due to the lenticular technology, which removes the need for glasses. The same technology is going to be used in the upcoming Nintendo 3DS handheld. A lenticular lense is place over the panel which creates a left view and a right view. Each eye then sees a slightly different image and that’s why you perceive 3 Dimensions.

There are still a bunch of questions that need to be answered such as where you will have to sit, does your head have to remain straight, will it work with multiple viewers at different angles, will videogames and DVDs work with the monitor, etc…There’s no official release date, but expect them to aim for something towards December.

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