PayPal Holding Over 600,000 Euros from Minecraft Developer

September 10, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

It’s common knowledge that PayPal are a company with a problematic background when it comes to their customer care, but this seems to be going over the top. The developer of Minecraft, Markus Persson, has just revealed that his PayPal account has been locked down and is pending review, with the possibility of it being closed permanently.

According to Persson, PayPal didn’t even bother to give him a detailed description of the problem, simply claiming there were suspicious transactions in that account. It would make sense in most cases, but definitely not when you consider there’s over 600,000 Euros in that account currently – and thanks to PayPal’s policy, if they deemed the account suspicious after the review, they get to keep all the money.

Of course, it should also be questioned why Persson chose to leave the money in his PayPal account instead of regularly transferring it to a bank, but that shouldn’t really be a problem in this case – PayPal is a service that’s supposed to help merchants, not give them sleepless nights. We sincerely hope the matter gets resolved, and in the future, Persson should really look into some alternatives, like Google Checkout.

Update: according to Notch, he did in fact regularly withdraw money, though has been unable to do so for several weeks since PayPal put his account on hold. Sorry for the confusion!

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