Nokia Booklet 3G Knockoff Version Netbook Offers a Sneak Peek; to Come with a Cheaper Price Tag

September 10, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Is this the new Nokia Booklet 3G knockoff that is being readied? Going by the looks of it, we are forced to believe so. Much similar to the original 10-inch 3G netbook called the Nokia Booklet 3G, the new version might be on its way to our hands very soon.  What interests us is the likelihood of a price tag that is cheaper and rich specifications.

A Chinese website tells us that the knockoff version is to come powered by Atom N450 processor with GMA 3150 graphics, and a 10-inch display of 1024 X 600 specs.

Further, it will have under the hood  1GB RAM, 160GB hard drive, Wi-Fi, HDMI, VGA output and an SD Card reader.  The chiclet keyboard adds to the looks.

The knockoff version will have its power department taken care of by a non-removable battery. More details are yet to come by.

The images you see alongside are those of the prototype and we are expecting to see the real device come soon.

Expected to sell for $2000 yuan (around $294), we are still trying to find out when this knock off version of the Nokia Booklet 3G net book will finally arrive. Watch this space as we go hunting for more.

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