New “E for Exhausting” Rating Coming Up for Exercise Games

September 10, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Just a decade ago, it would’ve seemed like quite the silly statement if you told anyone that games would become a good method of physical exercise. Nowadays though, we all know of the Wii’s capabilities in this regard. It seems that The Exergame Network is taking this one step further, introducing a new rating system to cover games that strain your body while playing.

TEN has released a new rating system, called the Exergame Experience Rating System (EERS), which covers the various health benefits from playing video games, taking into account factors like their gameplay, interface, physical strain, as well as the safety and social elements of the title. The final score can go up to 49, and is broken down into detail according to the various factors that have lead to it.

According to the people behind the new rating system, it should be very useful to physicians looking to recommend an appropriate title to their patients when looking for more unorthodox methods of treatment. Currently, the highest score in the system is held by, as you may have guessed, Dance Dance Revolution. Close behind it we have the PS’s Eyetoy Kinetic and the Wii Fit (naturally).

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