Need for Speed World Hits 1 Million Users, Becomes Free

September 10, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

According to Electronic Arts and Black Box, the latest installment in the Need for Speed franchise and the first serious attempt at a MMO racing game has just reached 1 million total users. They continued to state that the game will be moving to a free-to-play model, though they’ll preserve the current microtransaction system in order to be able to sustain the game in some way.

The game’s original model used a sort of a demo system built within the actual game – you could freely play until reaching level 10, at which point you’re asked to pay $20 if you’d like to continue playing up to the higher levels, up to the current maximum of 50. However, this will no longer be the case, as the $20 payment will be removed and all the levels will become playable for free.

There’ll still be various paid items, such as power-ups which you can use during the races, experience boosting items (like in Battlefield: Heroes), as well as some more powerful cars which the player can rent for limited periods of time. Also, if you’ve bought the Starter Pack, you’ll get a 3-day voucher for some tasty cars.

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