Apple’s Game Center for iPod Touch and iPhone Launched

September 10, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Apple have recently hinted at an upcoming service aimed at the gamers among their customers, called “Game Center” which will host a variety of games and similar services, for the iPod Touch and iPhone 4/3GS. The service has now officially been launched and is ready for you to dig in!

In the Game Center, you’ll find various social networking features aimed at connecting you with your gamer friends, like friends lists and multiplayer functionality. You’ll also get access to live leaderboards for the games that support them, and achievements in the style of the Xbox and Steam ones. Your progress will be visible to your friends, so you can rightfully boast about that tough level you’d just beaten in your favorite game.

The bad news is for those who’re using the iPhone 3G, as there seem to be no plans to make the service available to them. The iPad is also out of the picture, but only temporarily, as support for it is said to be coming in November. If you’ve already used the new Game Center, drop us a few lines to tell us what you think!

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