Apple Loosens App Regulations; Move to Keep Developers on its Side

September 10, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple has announced that it would be relaxing a little bit on its regulations on how developers can create applications for its iPhone and iPad. The company has also published detailed rules that explain how the company selects the programs to be sold through App store.

The decision comes as a result of competition from Android’s little-regulated applications. Shipments of smartphones which use Android have increased in the past couple of months and many Android tablets are on the way.

Earlier in July, Google had released its beta version of App Inventor for Android, a DIY kit to create an app to sell at Android’s marketplace. With the current move, Apple plans to keep application developers on its side.

Even though the change of rules comes as a relief for developers, the guidelines still consist of many things that will lead to an app’s rejection, like the inclusion of pornography or violent images, mimicking features that are already on the iPhone, or any video game identifying enemies as a specific race or ethnicity.

And,  Apple still has no plans to go the DIY route. However, the move might be just enough for Apple to lead the race.

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