Opera Mini 5.1 Web Browser Available for Windows Mobile Now

September 9, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The new Opera Mini 5.1 web browser is here. Now available for Windows Mobile, the Mini 5.1 version comes with loads of features and has been made to support smartphones that boast of higher resolution screens and accelerometers.

Once you have the 5.1, you will be able to set your browser as default on your WinMo handset. By bringing on the 5.1 browser  for Windows Mobile, Opera has also managed to add WinMo to the list of the smartphones range, already rich with handsets that run Java, Android, and Blackberry.

The browser also promises an improved page layout when surfing the web on a Windows Mobile device.

The Opera Mini 5.1 is now available for download for handsets powered by Windows Phone 6.5, Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 5, and Windows Mobile 2003.

The Opera Mini 5.1, apart from letting you to set Opera Mini as default browser on your smart device, also supports  g-sensor screen rotation on HTC and Samsung devices, enhances  quality of page layout on high-res  screens, supports  predictive input if the device supports it natively, makes kinetic scrolling better, and is built for accuracy and stability.

It also comes about as an alternative installer that works on Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC devices.

Further, the server backbone in the Opera Mini 5.1 browser also cuts down on data transferred to your handset as you surf. This, in turn, can help in reduction of mobile bill amounts!

If you haven’t still done that log on to http://m.opera.com/ on your phone to download the browser. When are you going for it?

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