iPhone iOS 4.1 Bootrom Exploit Confirmed, Another Victory for Jailbreak Admirers

September 9, 2010, By Atul Roach

Those of you who are aware about the precise terms and conditions of the iPhone iOS 4.1 firmware update do know for sure that this update isn’t for people who have the Jailbreak running on their smartphones. If they do try to download it through the iTunes store, the update will remove the Jailbreak and all the applications that run on your smartphones, courtesy of that Jailbreak.

With this T&C clause in place, Apple thought it had itself nicely covered to make the 4.1 update version more important, as it was something which would stop people from Jailbreaking their devices in the future. Contrary to the Cupertino expectations, an iPhone hacker has managed to find a bootrom exploit for iOS 4.1.

This implies that the ‘T&C’ threat will not remain of much relevance to the Jailbreak users as a Jailbreak and Unlock solution is now likely to follow, once pod2g, the genius who managed this feat, posts the instructions on his Twitter account.

Apple must be thinking to relax for a few days after this firmware update, but things are never just easy at the helm. The moment the anti-firmware update is out, the hackers have a solution ready for it too.

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