webOS 2.0 for Palm / HP Smartphone / Tablet Screenshots Leaked

September 8, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Any guesses on what will be the first webOS 2.0 device? Confusion reigns supreme on that front and we are yet to figure it out if it’s a new Palm mobile, HP smartphone or the tablet we’ve been hearing a lot lately. However, we now have a few leaked screenshots of webOS 2.0 (taken from the webOS 2.0 beta SDK) that reveal a slew of features.

The above screenshot gives us some idea of what webOS 2.0 will be about. Among features there’s support for MobileMe, support for Google Docs, Dropbox and Box services, support for various mail clients and social networking services.

On top of that, we’re hearing that webOS 2.0 is not only meant for tablets, as it supports phone calls, too. And that ladies and gents could mean that a Palm Pre successor might be in the works.

Regarding availability,  webOS 2.0 should be out by the year-end — same time we expect the HP webOS tablet (call it Roadrunner or PalmPad if you like) to debut. Could the HP Tablet be the first webOS  2.0 device. What do you guys think?

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