Verizon Debuts Samsung Fascinate Buy One Get One Free Offer

September 8, 2010, By Atul Roach

Big Red remains the last big time US Carrier to release its very own version of the Samsung Galaxy S and we have it confirmed that the Fascinate will be available beginning tomorrow. VZW did hold back the Fascinate release for a long time to annoy the Android fanatics, but the deal on offer is something which compensates for the long wait.

Although the image atop is self explanatory, we still cannot resist the temptation of being descriptive about this knock out offer which tells you why, Big Red is special as a carrier when it comes to product marketing strategies.

When you get hold of a Samsung Fascinate tomorrow, you will be given the option of taking home another one without a charge, but with a catch ofcourse. The catch is that both the phones you take away (with the free one of course) will have to be running on a two-year commitment with a minimum monthly data plan of $29.99 a piece.

This is a great option for people looking to grab a couple of Galaxy S smartphones together as they will get two at the price of one and make no mistake, this is indeed the hottest smartphone on the planet, apparently.

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