The Sound Behind Halo Reach

September 8, 2010, By Christian Davis

I’m sure most of your friends at some point in time have attempted to sing the operatic intro to the original Halo game. The music behind the monumental title has become a staple in today’s gaming industry. Halo Reach aims to to be even better then that in every aspect.

Not just the singing, but the sound effects of grenades, reloading, feet walking in the sand, vehicles, and every little portion about Halo Reach is going to have some exceptional audio to please our eager ears. The Soundworks Collection got a great interview with a few members of the audio team behind Halo Reach including Marty O’Donnell. You just can’t have Halo’s music without him.

This video goes through the process of how to make the games audio as perfect as possible. These guys are some of the best out there and they are definitely going all out for the last Halo game.

Here’s the video below.

“HALO: REACH” Game Audio Profile from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

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