Latest Firefox Beta Release (Firefox 4 Beta 5) Brings Better Security & Faster Graphics Acceleration

September 8, 2010, By Atul Roach

It is not hard to understand why Mozilla Firefox is fast gobbling up the Internet Explorer market share, with the kind of browser related innovations in place even on the beta versions of its browsers. The latest Mozilla Firefox Beta Release (Firefox 4 Beta 5) is a confirmation of the amount of quality time being spent on the thorough development of the full time browser expected to arrive in 2011.

The latest Beta brings better security to the table with a new security protocol ensuring that the ‘man in the middle’ attacks do not let anyone invade your user privacy. The protocol is dubbed HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) and it also verifies that the browser remembers which sites use HSTS, ensuring that any connection attempts use SSL.

What is more is the pacier graphics acceleration which is beacuse of using default graphics support from Direct2D. While the Firefox interface is also appearing more streamlined, this beta release has introduced the realm of sound visualization.

There is a new Audio API in place that exposes raw data and beacuse it uses HTML5, the developers can visualize the sound data in a browser. This addition also gives the developers the chance of inventing new ways to experience sound while surfing the web.

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