Halo: Reach Launch Party Confirmed

September 8, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

No doubt that Halo: Reach is a huge event in the gaming community, considering the tons of people that are expecting the game to come out. And with just a week left before the big event, Microsoft have announced that they’ll be hosting the “ultimate” launch for the title, held in New York City’s Best Buy theater. Apart from everything else, there’ll also be a surprise musical performance.

Those of you living in the West Coast will also get a chance to enjoy the celebration, as there’ll be a special event held at the Science Fiction Museum and the Hall of Fame in Seattle, where you’ll get a chance to meet members of the development team as well as people from 343 Industries.

Around the entire country, stores will be offering midnight release events, so if you’re eager to plug that disk into your console and engage in some online warfare, you’ll get the earliest possible chance to do so. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without some tasty promotions from Xbox Live, and you can bet there’ll be lots of those too – including a chance to play with the game’s developers!

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