Google TV Gears Up; On Track to Debut This Fall

September 8, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google TV will arrive this fall, if Google Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt’s plans work out as per schedule. Schmidt has made an announcement at the IFA in Germany, saying that the company has secured a partnership with Sony to launch Google TV.

The Google TV service runs Android 2.1 and will allow users to surf the web. Google TV uses Google’s Chrome web browser, which will also be supported on tablet computers. Google TV will call up both free and paid web video and will be competing against the Apple TV.

Apple last week introduced an updated $99 version of its Apple TV device, which allows users to rent movies and TV shows through iTunes and to stream content from Netflix, Flickr, YouTube, and other online services.

The device comes with an HDMI connector, Ethernet and WiFi, optical audio and USB plugs, and it offers high-definition movie rentals for $4.99 and a TV rental option for 99 cents a show.

Google also announced that they will be partnering Intel, which will be supplying Intel Atom CE4100 chips for the Sony Internet TV line, and Logitech. Google TV will hit the US this fall and will be made available around the globe in 2011.

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