PS3 Update 3.42 Available for Download; No More Jailbreaking For You

September 7, 2010, By Alex Ion

Sony doesn’t like the fact that the  PS3 is jailbreakable which is why they’ve quickly released firmware update 3.42 to patch it up.

PS3 update 3.42

Although meant as a “minor update” with “additional security features” we can tell for sure that Sony went overboard to come up with a way of making the PS3 unbreakable in record time. And no, there’s no sign of 3D support right now …

As you know, PS3 jailbreaking has been hot in the last few days. First the USB dongle that was supposed to unlock the console got banned in Australia (and seized), then hackers came out with new methods (PSFreedom, PSGroove, PSJailbreak) and they ported the whole process to Nokia N900 and Palm Pre.

Well folks, it looks like all these were in vain as PS3 update 3.42 voids all  functionality of all these jailbreaking solutions.

Keep in mind that with the software update rolling out as you read (you should get a notifying message next time you fire up your console), if you’re using a jailbroken PS3 it’s not advisable to upgrade as you won’t be able to reach PSN anymore.

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